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Tub Sofas

There's no denying the popularity of tub sofas. Where were you, the last time you relaxed in one? You may have been in someone's home, in a classy hotel or conference centre, or perhaps you were in a fancy bar or leisure centre. Tub sofas are the first choice for so many settings, offering comfortable seating with good back support, whilst at the same time not taking up too much space.

Available in a rainbow of colours and huge choice of fabrics, tub sofas can look perfect in any room. Their classic yet contemporary style is subtle, giving tub sofas the flexibility to be dressed as a stunning feature in a room, or to blend with the décor and go almost unnoticed. Tub sofas are versatile pieces of furniture. Equally at home in the playroom or study, the conservatory or guest room, tub sofas are a durable and practical choice.

One of the key design elements of tub sofas is that they provide a generous seating area, without taking up too much space in your room. This makes tub sofas perfect for smaller houses and also for student accommodation and starter homes. Many customers buy tub sofas to furnish second homes or holiday homes, and landlords buy them to furnish properties to be let, as their space-saving dimensions can be used to make a room look bigger, whilst providing ample seating.

Tub sofas are also a popular choice for the commercial market, being widely used in many places frequented by the general public. You are likely to have come across tub sofas in libraries, guest houses and waiting rooms – the list is endless.

The clean lines and understated elegance of tub sofas will ensure that they remain a popular choice, as their stylish yet modest form is ideal for many locations.

If you are looking for a seating solution that is affordable and will give you many years of service, consider our range of tub sofas – we are sure to have one that's simply perfect for your needs.

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