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Ottoman storage is perfect for keeping all your clutter out of sight! Most people these days complain of not having enough storage space, and ottoman storage is a dual purpose item that gives you an attractive and practical solution.

Many homes boast more than one ottoman storage chests – they can be found in bedrooms, often housing linens and spare bedding, in playrooms as a place for toys and books, and in lounges, doubling as coffee tables and also storage for DVDs and videos.

Often used to store seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations or for keeping gifts out of sight of prying eyes, ottoman storage is the ideal answer.

Originally, in furniture terms, an 'ottoman' was the name given to a footstool, though today is can also be a large chest or trunk. In the late eighteenth century, France invaded Egypt, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. To ease the effects of one of the punishments, loosely translated as 'pain walks', a footstool was produced to rest tired and painful feet. The footstools had a hinged lid with a hidden storage area beneath.

The design has been developed to become our modern-day ottoman storage, and the term is used to encompass wooden, leather, rattan or fabric chests, which keep your possessions safe and out of view whilst usually providing another service, either as a table, seat or stool. Sometimes ottoman storage is available as a co-ordinating piece of furniture alongside chairs or sofas, but they are also to be found as stand-alone items which can be a real feature in your room.

Ottoman storage is also a popular choice for student accommodation, where space is always an issue, and also for holiday homes where items may need to be stored between visits.

We offer a fabulous selection of ottoman storage chests that would grace any home and invite you to browse our collection today.

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